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Methotrexate + Liver Cancer?

I just posted this reply in another forum string but I thought it would be relevant here too. Hope everyone is doing well...

"I just read an abstract that scared the hell out of me, about Methotrexate and the connection with elemental feeds. I'll post a link here and in the Methotrexate forum too.
So much to be wary of but I'm getting to a place where I don't agonize as much every time I read or hear about some negative side effect or contraindication. I'm also trying not to hover and question my son a thousand times a day
We are taking things one day at a time and learning to appreciate the little things...

Bless you all "

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Yeah, I believe it's been known for a while (it looks like this study is from the mid-80s) to maintain a full- and well-balanced diet on methotrexate. Things like fasting (here, an elemental diet) are strongly not advised.
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