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O. Van Bruce
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My old pal Crohn

Hi I'm new here and wanted to say hello from Barcelona, Spain. Since, as far as I know, the biggest advances about this disease come from the USA I decided to register here.

This is funny... during the whole registration process and writing this message I've had to go to the bathroom 3 times.

It's been a year since this started, 5 months since I was diagnosed. Maybe my case is not that hard since I haven't been on a hospital for more than a day but my case comes with a fancy extra: Arthritis, in all the limbs and even in my jaw. I'm 23, had an active life and now I feel like an old man with all the pain on my joints. I'm practically gammy now..

oh well. lady luck is like this so I can't complain. Let's live the best way I can.
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Welcome to the forum!
Arthritis is very common with Crohn's, most people with Crohn's disease have some type of joint pain, some worse off than others. Are you on any meds yet? Some of the meds intended for Crohn's are also used to treat arthritis and other joint pains
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O. Van Bruce
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I'm currently trying to find a way to control the disease with the diet since my flares are relatively mild.

The main problem with my arthritis comes from my ankle. 1 month before my first flare happened I dislocated my ankle and it seems it haven't healed well. The arthritis that happens with my flares makes the affected ankle very swollen. There has been times in which I've been completely out of the flare an I still had issues with my ankle.

PD: sorry for my crappy english.

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