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Itchy skin rash anyone else had this and know what it is? pics included


So I occasionally get this rash anywhere on my body. It starts with the area just being constantly itchy and then this rash appears. Does anyone know what it is or has anyone else had it? Once the rash appears it stops itching. It isn't raised or anything. I have shown my doc before but they just say oh its nothing, but I find it quite strange
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How long ago did this all start? Did it only begin after you started having crohn's symptoms or were in treatment? or did it start before then? Have you ever seen a dermatologist before for an examination?

Have you ever been told you have eczema before? I get spontaneous, crazy itchy red rash spots that suddenly disappear after a few minutes like they were never there. I also get an occasional patch of dry, scaly skin. I simply changed the types of product I use to clean and moisturize my skin and it helps. Aveeno and Cerave are good over the counter products for sensitive skin and those with skin conditions.

Also could it be something in your environment that you are reacting to?
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I started getting the exact same thing last Saturday, but it is raised and solid red rather than spotted like that. I had 2 units of blood transfused on Friday though, so maybe that was the cause. I have weird skin, though. I have a history of, when I'm sleep-deprived, my skin welting whenever I get scratched/hurt/rubbed slightly too hard. And since I got put on steroids, I haven't been sleeping the best.

So if we pretend that my skin hasn't been welting, I've been getting the exact same thing. My body itches anywhere and everywhere. Then I scratch it. Then it turns real red (no picture, but just imagine a bad sunburn). Then it's not itchy. The nurses gave me some antihistamine cream that I rubbed all over me last Saturday and Sunday. I haven't been itching much since then, except for places where my skin has already been irritated (around the elastic of my underwear, elastic around my socks, area where the tape for my IV is). Today it seems gone, though. Maybe it's because I got a mostly good night's sleep last night.

You haven't had a blood transfusion recently, have you? Maybe it's the Prednisolone? I've been on Methylprednisolone since three days before this rash/itch started for me. I don't know.
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I got something like this from Humira, it's not really a true allergy, just your immune system throwing out histamines. I noticed you are on sulfasalazine, it might be that. Try taking a Benadryl and see if it helps; otherwise keep it cool and dry and put zinc ointment on it.


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