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Awaiting Results

Hi everyone im new to this. Im 48 and was told i had ibs 21 yrs ago after having x ray, since then ive tried most medications on the market to help treat constant flare ups which make me feel totally embarrassed and degraded at my age. Ive tried cutting out different foods to see if thats the problem. I know stress can cause a lot of problems which basically im in a no win situation as flare ups stress me completely out to the point of major depression. Anyway monday 21st my doctor who is great suggested its time i did a stool sample to check for ibd. Not sure how long it takes for those to come back.

anyway thats my story and feel a bit embarrassed but thats just me no confidence etc.
Hope to hear from someone soon
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Please don't be embarrassed, we have heard it all and spend a lot of time talking about poop, pain, blood and vomit (all the fun stuff that comes with this illness)

Why does your doctor suddenly think it might be IBD? What kind of stool test, calprotectin? That just shows inflammation in the body and does not necessarily mean its IBD. Are you seeing a gastroenterologist? I think a colonoscopy or MRI would be a much better way to see if IBD might be your problem.
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Good morning thanks for the reply.
I didn't look to see what was on the test list to be honest. This has got so bad im now agoraphobic. After the flare ups i am so tired and run down, i get to the point why do i bother eating and its not that i eat junk food i have a healthy diet. I guess having had the barium x ray (excuse spelling) 21 yrs ago he thought just a stool sample for now. I will keep you posted. Not sure how long it takes for results to come back from hospital.


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