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Hi I'm new nice to meet you not sure if I have this.


I've been diagnosed with hypothyroid and adrenal insufficient but I'm still having problems, which has lead me to wonder if I have this. Waiting to see gp.

If I eat foods that are high in fat I suffer from:

Distended bloated belly
Ache back
Exsessive wind, gas.
Stools that are very mushy and stick to the toilet

I'm starting to feel better with hypo symptoms: not so cold etc and I'm starting cortef for cortisol.
But not on optimal dose of thyroid or cortisol yet.

I have low sodium, hypolglycemia aswell.


Symptoms not getting better are:

Spasm in muscle in my face muscle making me look like lopsided smile, fluctuates through out the day.
Skin very dehydrated, thin, lacking in moisture
Frequent eye infections
Lack of energy
Periods of anxiety

I have read that fat malaborbtion would lead to vitamin deficiency and wondered if that would also why I'm getting eye infections..

I also have to avoid: peanuts, yeast, sugar, gluten and do low carb diet. Symptoms are better when have very low fat aswell...

I just wondered if this sounds like Crohn's ..

Thank you for listening, so fed up with it all.

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Hello Mandy
Welcome to the forum.
It sounds as if you have been getting good medical attention for your problems.
Hopefully you are still in the care of specialists .
You should let your doctors know about the other symptoms you are having.
Hopefully you have an ophthalmologist taking care of your eyes.
It looks as though you have been diagnosed with a fat malabsorption syndrome which can unbalance other body systems.
I would urge you to get in touch with your doctor about the dehydration and muscle spasms and eye problems.
Forum members are not doctors but fellow IBD patients who can offer support to you.
It is not surprising that you are fed up with it all--these things interfere with our lives and all we want to do is throw them off and resume normal activitiies which in time you will be able to do.It take time and patience and is not easy.
I am sure others will soon be along to help with their experiences.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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Welcome to the forum, Mandy!

Looking at your symptoms, I don't know that IBD would immediately spring to mind (but it certainly is a possibility). However, I'm not familiar enough with other conditions to advise on what else it could be.

If you avoid the foods you listed, do you have any symptoms? Have you ever noticed any blood in your bowel movements? Are you ever woken up by stomach cramps and/or urgency?

I agree with Trysha in that you need to bring this up with your doctor. And I also agree that dehydration might be an issue.

I hope you can find answers soon, Mandy!

Diagnosed with Crohn's disease 12/6/08.
Have taken: Prednisone, 6mp, methotrexate, Pentasa.
Currently waiting for a new medication!

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I agree with sarahbear. Sorry you are feeling so poor. You are welcome to come on and vent anytime here. Hope it's not crohn's and you can get to the bottom of what it is and get some relief!

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Thank you so much for your replies and support.

I suppose what I have been diagnosed with maybe affects different things and maybe won't go until all better.

I haven't been diagnosed with fat malaborption I just feel bad if I eat high fat foods and notice change in bowel but not dioreah more mushy greasy..

Thank you I hope your all being looked after.

Mandy xx

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