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Potential new Crohn's club member :/

Hey guys,

So I may be joining the club. I'll give you my back story. I'm 27 years old and this all started in September of last year (2012) when I was working in Germany. I had hurt my back (ruptured disc) and was taking NSAIDs like no-bodys business. To make matters worse, I was drinking like a fish while at this business conference in Berlin. Almost the same time, I noticed that my stools were a bit darker and contained a lot of mucus. I thought nothing of it at the time since I had no pain, or any other Crohn's symptoms lately. Honestly, I contributed the tarry stool to Nsaids/Extreme alcohol use and figured it would go away one I stopped. Anyway, I had extensive back surgery in Feburary to correct my back issue and subsequently stopped the NSAIDs, but not the drinking. Fast forward to a month ago, and I still have the stool issues, so I saw a GI doc. An occult test came back positive and an endoscopy didn't reveal much, so I scheduled the colonscopy. I had it this past Wednesday with less than exciting news. The ileum showed signs of slight inflamation and the Dr. immediately went to Crohn's. Very slight colon irritation as well. Still awaiting biospy results. Honestly, the pictures look extremely mild to me, but the Dr. seemed extremely concerned as soon as I woke up from the procedure. I'm still not so sure since I have no pain, dirrahea, weight loss, etc. Whatever the result, it is obvious that I need a lifestyle change and have decided to eat better and give up drinking for a while (Hard because I brew my own beer!). Anyway, It seems I may be joining you guys soon and wanted to give a reluctant hello
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Since I was diagnosed, one of the things I've come to realize is that Crohn's is a very individual disease. While many suffer similar symptoms, some have very different presentations of the disease.

Don't get me wrong, I hope it turns out you don't have CD, but in the event you do, welcome! Don't be afraid to ask questions here, the whole community has been incredibly welcoming, genuine, and helpful!
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hey dude, 24 here, I used to booze hard and take heaps of NSAIDS aswell, they can cause artificial ulceration, so needless to say I'm off them. Hope it turns out the doc is wrong, but if hes right, get off the booze and maybe supplement it w marijuana, (that's what I've done) it works a treat.

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