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Fallowing paleo autoimmune protocol - Could use some ideas.

So like it says to stay away from nuts, seeds, spices, etc.. It also says to stay away from eggs. Which use to be a staple food for me before I got sick, and a staple food for breakfast.

I was curious if anyone has and Ideas what would make some good "paleo autoimmune protocol" friendly breakfasts?

More importantly, What do people that are fallowing this protocol snack on throughout the day between meals? I just sometimes dont have the time to juice my veggives or cook up some salmon real fast, I need some things I can just grab n go, or things to munch on late at night.

Any ideas?
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Uceris (Replaced my Prednisone)
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Humera - 40mg pen every week

Percocets 10/325 x6
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Methocarbamol (Muscle relaxers for my spasms)

Multi Vitamin Gummys
Iron Supplement
Hair, Skin and Nails (My hair is falling out!)
Trunature - Probiotics
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I used to follow the Paleo AI protocol but dropped so much weight I had to stop. I found this site with recipes helpful though
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like NGNG said, sooo hard to maintain weight on the AI protocol, I try to follow scd/paleo but recently have been drinking fortisip nutritional drinks which are extremelu processed... once I finish the last two cartons I plan on rededicating myself. Hopefully someone can post some helpful recipes and first hand successful exp soon
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AI Paleo protocol - I like it, straight in at the deep end.....
It's a hard diet but the protocol is only for 30 days before reintroducing foods so you won't be too bored.

Are you starting there or are you already on a diet (paleo/SCD ect)?

Have you read up on it so you know why, how and for how long?
If not then this lady puts it all together.....
seriously, best one i've seen

the first thing i worked out about paleo is that breakfast, lunch and dinner are meaningless words
Each meal is a meal and if i have chops and veg for breakfast then who cares?

- with tuna,
-with beetroot chips,
-with carrot sticks
you get the idea

if you were in east asia id say deep fried grass hoppers, but you can't get them here

secondly - google is your friend (even if they are spying on you and collecting data to target their advertising and censoring information to suit the ruling elite and......)
scroll down to - Autoimmune Protocol Recipe Blogs and Books for links to recipe sites

or $20 for an ebook

or "20 Egg-Free (paleo autoimmune) Breakfasts and Desserts"
look around her site, some good info on approaching the protocol -


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