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What could this be..?

Hello Everyone.
Looks like a great support group, so happy to have found it.
I'm 44, male. I've had abdominal pain on and off for about 6 years - lasts 6 months or so and then nothing for 12 months. In January it came back again and I've have pretty much had it since.
In February after an ultrasound I diagnosed as having a small (5mm) umbilical hernia, not strangulated and doc said I could either have it repaired or "wait and see". Since then, I have done nothing about that, so don't think my symptoms are related, although I do believe the hernia was caused by internal bloating.
I've been on gluten free (paleo) diet for about 18 months. My symptoms are as follows:
- Lower right quadrant burning sensation, mostly permanent.
- There is pain when I press on my belly on the LRQ area. However, this pain seems to be relieved when massaged. I hear squeaking/gurgling when this happens.
- When there is no pain on the LRQ, then it is to the left of my bellybutton.
- If I press deeply into my left side hip (descending colon) there is sometimes pain (sharp).
- Pressing deep into pelvic area also sometimes produced deep pain.
- A couple times a month I get a nice sharp pain (seconds) in center groin before passing morning stool.
- I am not constipated and pass 1-2 stool effortlessly per day.
- stools are mostly undigested, but formed.
- no fever, great appetit, but depressed as this is frustrating.

I was in ER 6 weeks ago after doc though I had possible abdominal aortic aneurysm. They did blood work and ultrasound and found nothing. 2 weeks ago my doc tested me FOBT and H Pylori and the FOBT was negative, but the H Pylori was positive. Next step is to see GI, but need to wait 4 weeks...
I've been taking a heap of natural meds to combat H Pylori, but after 2 weeks I have had slight relief.
I'm not looking for a medical diagnosis, but I suppose I'd like any thoughts as to what may be going on. I am trying to schedule for a dynamic stool test through Metametrix. I've also had thoughts about checking back into ER to insist on CT or U/S just to make sure nothing else is going on.
Cheers and thanks in advance.
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Hi, I'm sorry you've not yet found a reason for your pain. You might want to check out the Undiagnosed support group:

As you'll see, for a lot of people it can take a while to get diagnosed.

You've probably worked out that there are an awful lot of potential causes of abdominal pain. Crohn's is one of the more common ones, but it would usually present with other symptoms as well, such as diarrhoea, bleeding, fever or weight loss.

When it comes to potential diagnoses, the specifics of your pain (location, intensity, etc.) are probably less relevant than test results. Often Crohn's would cause changes in blood test results, such as signs of inflammation, though not always. A colonoscopy and/or endoscopy would be a better test for detecting Crohn's and many other digestive diseases.

If I were you I wouldn't go to the ER unless your symptoms suddenly worsen. The ER is for exactly what it says - emergencies. Since your pain has been going on so long, it's not indicative of an emergency. The ER is not equipped to address chronic illness or assist in diagnosing causes behind on-going symptoms. It would be better to wait until you see the GI, who will have the time to assess your medical history and symptoms and recommended tests.

Have you tried any kind of painkillers or any other medication?

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