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I just joined this forum

Gearhart's my name, and I've been fighting Crohn's for 4 years now, alone mostly, with the first 14mos being untreated because I did not have health insurance. It started with a cramp, 3 weeks later I checked into an ER hobbled over, white as a ghost, dehydrated, and terrified. I checked out 8 hours later with a diagnosis of Colitis and maybe worse, wasted on morphine, being told "see a specialist", and a $32K medical bill.

My ass of a manager at work forgot to sign me up in open enrollment, and 18 months later I could finally see a doctor. A small painkiller prescription and a referral is all I had for 4 more months until I met my GI doc who got our plan together. By May 2011 I had my diagnosis of severe Crohn's and a stricture at the ileum. "Cobblestones" was a description of my insides. After 18 months I had finally stopped bleeding.

I have been on Remicade ever since, and my life will never be the same as it was before. I can't drink anymore. I had to give up Mexican food and Tobasco. These things I used to love I cannot have anymore.

I sometimes wish I could drink and drown out the persistent pain I live with (physical and mental).

I am a soldier. I try so very hard to keep this from getting me down. I had a woman who could not seem to understand what I was living with. She left. I have stayed at the same job this whole time to keep my insurance. Painkillers have become my weapon to fight my body out of the house to go to work or to go have fun.

I used to say the Crohn's ruined my life.

Now I say Crohn's has changed my life. This is my new normal.

I have read this forum before, many times, to see how other people handle this, to see how other people live with it, to see how bad I have it.

I think I have it pretty bad, because I feel like crap...often.

So I decided to become a member, not looking for pity in anyway. Today I am not at work, I feel like I'm going to puke, and I've been on the toilet 4 times in 5 hours.

Today it got to me.

It's a pleasure to become a member of a group of people who live life like I do: a day at a time and never far from the white porcelain chair!
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You made me smile Gearhart!

Beneath the troubles, sounds to me like you have a great sense of humor even when things are tough.

Welcome to this amazing forum. It's really helped me to not feel like I'm the only one out there with all this. It also helped to see how others cope, and maybe learn a few things from their experiences.

Crohns is such a unique disease, with lots of bathroom symptoms, and not some noble disease like heart disease. No, we have diarrhea, cramping, bloody stools, and abdominal Pain, bowel strictures, resections,abscesses, and every weird symptom you can think of, but can't say out in public. Ha ha....

I wish you the best, and hope you get what you need.
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I understand what you are going through. I had a hard time in the begining as well but now my crohns and my mind is getting better.

I'm retired, (have been since 08) and 62 years old. I use to be so made that crohns took my retirement yeasr away from me but I'm getting better every day now. I know what you feel like when you say your having a bad day. I was very messed up for a few years with this.

I only live about 1 hour away from you, in Antioch Ca. I have a GREAT GI Dr. In Concord, Ca.

If there is anything I can do to help you, PLEASE send me a PM, maybe we could talk on the phone to help you out, you WILL get better man, sometimes it takes some time. I never thought I would get better but I did and you WILL also

Keep your head up Dude.

Jim (POP)
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