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Think I am having a flare up

Hi I have crohns which was diagnosed when I was 19 I have had part of my bowel removed and currently have swelling of the spinal joints linked to my crohns. I am lucky and live relatively symptom free apart from diarrhoea and my back but for the last 4 nights I have been having moderate stomach cramps and a lot of wind. Today I have a constant pain not as bad as it had been whilst in hospital but enough pain that I can't touch my stomach about a pain score of 6 out of 10. I am not sure weather to consult a doctor or just wait and see what happens and hope it goes away. The prob is I don't want to end up in severe pain like I have had before just looking for a bit of advice on what to do
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If it were me, I would seek a Dr.s advice before you risk it getiing worse.
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I agree with 723 crossroads, you should consult a dr before it gets worse! Its best to find out what's going on so you can feel better quicker than to "wait it out". Keep us posted on what the dr says! Hope you feel better soon!

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