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New to LDN, help me

Hey all.

My GI gave me LDN, she would try on me. It's really rare to use LDN here in Norway to treat crohns disaese.

Well.. I'm a little bit scared to start take LDN.
She wrote I should start takling 1,5 mg daily for some weeks and then up to 3mg, because I also have Hypothyroidism and take medicine for it. (levaxine)

I have tried many sorts of medicines, 6MP, Imuran, Remicade.
Nothing helped me really much, so I stopped taking Remicade for some months ago. But I think Remicade helped a little, but not much (still very high values on fecaltests).
I'm now using Predisolone 20mg daily, and going down to 15 mg next week, and then 10 mg.
Should I start taking LDN when using Pred?

I asked my doc, and she said it was okay?? Help me please, i'm not sure what I should do right now.

Btw I got my crohns in 2011. I (still) only have infection in colon, nothing in small intestine.
Sorry for my bad english here.
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Welcome Bazooka,
Recommended dose of pred with LDN is 10mg. It can take quite some time for LDN to work, even up to 12 weeks, not sure about time frame with increasing dosage though. My son started at 4.5mg and he started to see improvement at about 4-6 weeks and continued from there.
Good luck and please keep us posted on how it is working for you

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Thanks Jmrogers4.
Okey, I think I should wait two weeks when I'm down to 10mg, I hope my flare is gone then.

I will keep you posted.
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Jmrogers is offering you some great advice. LDN can be taken with up to 10mg of pred. I have no info to offer on what, if any... effect.. taking 4.5mg of Low Dose Naltrexone would have on Levaxine. I'm totally unfamiliar with that drug. The studies (except for those specifically pediatric) where LDN was tested in the treatment of IBD used the 4.5 mg dosage. I have no info to offer, and I'm not aware of any studies confirming that a lower dose (1.5mg or 3.0mg) would be effective. It might be.. perhaps others have seen reports/studies to that effect. My advice to anyone considering LDN is to stick to the doses used in the two studies involving adults UNLESS there is hard evidence to indicate otherwise. As the cook said.. if you change the recipe, and don't like the taste, don't blame me.

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Good evening folks.

I started using LDN three weeks ago, soon on my week.
Started with 1,5 mg, and think it worked very well the first two weeks. No flare at all.
My bloodtests went also down.

I started using 3 mg this week, and now my flare is back, the day after I took 3 mg. I don't know what to do, should I go down to 1,5 mg again, or should I continue using 3 mg?

I'm travelling out of the country on monday, I hope to be better.
Have to call my doctor on monday.
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I would not expect to see significant, if any improvement, short term on less than 4.5mg

At the 4.5 mg dose used in the studies, you may experience flares, other increased signs of the disease in the 1st 2 months... then gradual improvement. The disease can rebound as any lingering benefits from the previous meds you used to fight it off wane.

That was my experience. But, I was also going through pred withdrawal. Your case may be different. But, if it were me, I would go with the recommended dose for a minimum of 12 weeks... and evaluate your condition at that time, then decide whether to continue LDN or not. I would not expect any overnight eurekas with LDN... I don't think it works that way... at least not that I recall hearing. (reading)

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