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Complications from a test

My son had a heat stroke a few days ago. Went to a small hospital delirious not knowing his own name. His father was with him (not a person that should ever make decisions). He My son, Is married and his wife was in the waiting room-My son gave consent but was not in his right state of mind. His wife did not want them to do the test-They went ahead and did it,My son jumped off the table in pain unaware of what they were doing and now they believe he is leaking fluid. Anyone have a spinal tap before? And if so was it due to your Crohn's? My sons infection is much better-and we know he is prone to infections and a combonation of the heat and the infection was just a worse case scenario.But I had never heard of them wanting to do a spinal tap. As of this moment he is having a procedure done to plug the leak. He can not even sit up without being dizzy and getting a massive headache.
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I had a spinal tap in the past. It was not directly in relation to my crohn but it was during a hospitalization for it. I had seizures after an episode of intense headache while I was hospitalized and they did the spinal tap to see if I was doing a meningitis or something like that. It ended up probably being a neurotoxical effect of a medication I was receiving for my crohn.
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Once when I was hospitalized they found fluid around my lungs and wanted to do a spinal tap. Thankfully for me the nhs was so slow that I had to wait the weekend and it cleared up on its own. My gi put it down to fluid from my colon putting pressure or something I don't know now lol
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I had a spinal tap (lumbar puncture) but not for Crohn's. I didn't find it particularly painful. The local anaesthetic stung a bit but it was one of the more comfortable tests I've had, even though I had it done by a junior doctor who had never done a lumbar puncture without supervision before and took several attempts without managing to get any fluid out. In the end he got a more experienced doctor who did it first try. Despite having the anaesthetic about three times and several "dry taps" (when the junior doctor couldn't get the fluid), I had no real pain other than a bit of a headache in the evening after the test.

I'm not quite sure what you're asking. Did they not tell you why they were doing the test? What type of infection does/did he have? A lumbar puncture can be very important in some situations, for example, if they suspect meningitis. If they needed to rule out something like that, it would have been necessary to get the test done as quickly as possible.
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He is so much better-He devolpes infections easily and they first suspected heat stroke. He was Incoherant when they had him sign for the test. There was no need for the test-As his Normal GI and GP and Infectious Doctor even told him there was no need for it-They did not (the other Hospital) Hear about his history. But as of a few hours ago one more bullet dodge and he is home resting.
Thanks again
Tonys Mom

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