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Should dentist be family doctor

Well in my case, I'm thinking ya. I've been progressively getting worse and worse to the point I felt I was dying. Couldn't eat or drink anything without being sick. So went to hospital. Eventually I also ended up with severe migraine while in there that was different than my normal migraines. Ie wrong side of head went deep into teeth and gums in jaw.
Anyway I was told people deal with migraines all the time at home and I was being discharged. But I argued I still could no et anything except water. I had lost 15 lbs in 3-4 weeks and my blood test showed protein malnutrition. I refused to leave and spouse refused to take me so they had the sheriff office come and take away a 50 year old woman in severe pain to the psychiatric ER to be evaluated as I had stated I may as well save time and chug a bottle of tylenol.
Anyway psychiatrist says I was very physically sick and my depression and stress level were appropriate for how I was treated.
Anyway 2 more weeks later and another 10lbs lighter still and had to go to dentist as migraine and toothache were still there not as strong but enough I felt surely I needed the tooth extracted. Anyway dentist looked and asked a few questions and told me I need to see my doctor as I have a severe infection that is in my sinus' and he thought with symptoms may have spread to bowel and possibly lining of the brain. Likely why I've been getting sicklier on remicade. I've had 5 treatments
How could they not get that when I was an inpatient for 3-4 weeks at 2 different hospitals.
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I don't think a dentist is qualified to treat IBD. They may be very knowledgeable and helpful but its not their area of expertise. Please find a gastroenterologist you like and trust.
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Welllll, that dentist is more attentive to details and takes time to make the links most likely. Like everywhere else, you will encounter professional with more talent than another. Just like in class some people do better, some people do worst. Everyone does not take or have the necessary time to make the right diagnosis. It is unfortunate and we all wish it would be perfect but it is not always the case. It is a luck you ended up on a dentist that was able to make the links to help you get the treatment needed. But just as doctor, it is a possibility that another dentist would never have pinpoint this either.
Hope you now finally get the proper care you need.
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I am not talking one doctor that missed it. I am talking about 6 doctors from 2 different hospitals missing it. I even had the severe migraine going down into my jaw while in hospital and was dismissed. But never physically checked by any doctor except when first arrived at ER.
See my family doctor today to get some refills and going to another doctor end of month in a different city to change for fresh start.
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We used to tell a sad joke at the hospital where I worked...

"What do you call the person who graduates last in their class in medical school?


Not all doctors are good diagnosticians, that's for sure.

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