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Is it mild crohns or IBS

People please help me...

I am not able to diagnise whether it is mild crohn or IBS

my symptomns :

1) In last one month, say 10 days, i have diarrhea. It is generally in the morning and sometimes in the evening. It does not happen in office hours.

There are some days, say rest 20 days, i dont have watery stools, its just semi solid loose stools, not properly formed. But still the rest 20 days it is soft, semi solid loose stools.

Most of the times in both cases I dont have urgency. But 10% times I have urgency.

2) I have lots of gasses and bloating.

3) I have no abdominal pain.

4) last month for 3 days i had mouth ulcer, but it cured automatically.

5) I have no other symptoms.

my colonoscopy and endoscopy is on monday.

is there anything to get worried ????
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I mean I can't really tell but to me it sounds more like IBS but I could be wrong it's just my option I mean I'm no doctor so. I know from my experience as a mom of kids with Crohn's my kids always seemed tired just weak. Had bad stomach pain one suffered more with constipation the other on suffered both. I mean I guess it differs from person to person. Both IBS and Crohn's suck to have so either way it's horrible . You can't really be sure what exactly is wrong untill your colonoscopy And endoscopy. I wish you the best of luck
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Welcome to the forum, rk!

Personally, I wouldn't worry just yet. To be honest, none of your symptoms really scream Crohn's, so IBS does sound more likely - but your doctor will have to confirm, because the two can have very similar symptoms. There are also other conditions it could be. Luckily, you already have tests scheduled so you're well on your way to figuring things out!

A lack of abdominal pain is a good sign. This is absolutely possible with Crohn's, but very unlikely.

It sounds as if you may have food sensitivities, to be honest. I encourage you to keep a food journal to try to determine if any specific foods or drinks are aggravating or causing your symptoms. When doing this, try to be as thorough as you can - list everything you eat or drink, and list all of your symptoms. The more information you have down, the easier it is to connect the dots.

Also, I wouldn't worry about the mouth ulcer. If it cleared up in three days, it's highly unlikely it was caused by any inflammatory condition.

While you're in the process of finding out what's causing these symptoms, pay attention to a few things that would indicate IBD over IBS. These would include blood in your bowel movements, night sweats, and being awoken for a bowel movement or by stomach pain. If those things occur, please let your doctor know.

I hope things go well for you!

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Good luck with with your tests!

Your symptoms sound very similar tom mine (before I was diagnosed). My gastroenterologist suspected IBS, but ordered all the routine tests to rule out other things. They found inflammation of the terminal ileum on colonoscopy, with pathologic findings (granuloma) diagnostic of Crohns!

All this to say that it could be IBS or Crohns or food sensitivies or something else... hopefully you'll get some answers from your tests on Monday!
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Hello,and welcome to the forum.Please try not to diagnose yourself or worry too much.Easier said than done,I know.Everyones symptoms are different,so it is difficult to offer advice until you have been diagnosed.It's good that you are seeing a doctor soon.I myself,have Ulcerative Colitis (Proctitis) which is also an Inflamitory Bowel Disease,So it could be that.Your symptoms sound similar to mine,but that doesn't mean you have it.I would wait for your results then ask the forum ANYTHING that you need advice on.You'll get lots of support.Meanwhile,best wishes,and please keep us updated.

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