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Undiagnosed, waiting on biopsy results

i am 22 year male

i have been suffering from diarrhea since 3 years
i have visited many doctors all of them misdiagnose me with IBS
after that i had visited a GENERAL SURGEOUN
and i told him i have to much ( lower quadratic abdominal pain right side)
and he adviced me ( barium enema endoscopy ct scan stool test )
after that my doctor checked all my test and he told me all reports all normal negative (only ct scan show inflammatory bowel disease )
and than he adviced me colonscopy
i went to g.i doctor he and he shedule me for colonscopy
than during my colonscopy he take 2 biopsy from ( ascending colon and from terminal ileum ) and i send this biopsy test to pathology labortry i am waiting for result which will come after 7 days
so now what all of your is experince what is wrong with me ??
pleaze give me a good advice because i cant live my life like that
i have lost my weight now i my weight is only 35 kg .
this disease have destroy my life completly
in ascending colon i have too much pain

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Hi, welcome to the forum. If I understood correctly, the CT scan showed inflammation in your bowels? Where was the inflammation located and what did your doctor say about it?

We're not doctors here and we're not able to say what illness you might have, but I hope the biopsies give you some answers. I would check with your doctor and see what they can do for you next - if they want to do more testing, or try you out on medication. Good luck and please keep us posted as to what the biopsies say!
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All I can say is you need to relax! I had tests after test and they were all negative until I got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.
Stressing will make EVERYTHING worse......I learnt the hard way! Whether you have IBS or bowel disease only your doctor will know that for sure. I wish you nothing but the best!
Try and manage your pain as best you can; go to your GP for stronger meds if over the counter drugs aren't relieving it.
Good luck and stop researching your symptoms; that's what played with my mind as I could imagine its playing with yours.
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Yet this unknown disease has completly detroy my life
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Besides just waiting for the biopsy results you can try out different diets to try and reduce your symptoms at the very least. The low residue diet helps many during flares. The BRAT (bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast, yet not limited to those 4 completely, its bland and starchy foods) diet may help with diarrhea.

Crohn's can take a long time to diagnose for some people. For me it took 3 months, others are still undiagnosed after years of testing. If your GI says IBS after all tests results come back and you know or feel its more than that then please try and find another GI that's willing to continue testing to find the cause. Once you have a proper diagnosis then treatment can begin and you will hopefully soon go into remission and be able to live a more normal life again. Keep us posted on the biopsy results.
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today i have recived my biopsy report i want to tell you my biopsy report kindly guide me pleaze what is wrong with me
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Clinical information abdominal pain and diarrhea ... Mucosa normal

__________________________________________________ _______________________

microscopic description

1 biopsy taken from terminal ileum
2 biopsy taken from ascending colon
1) section show portion of small bowel and large bowel mucosa. Portion of small bowel mucosa show intact villious significant increase in inflammatory cell in infiltration is
seen . A number of reactive lymphoid follicles are present.
No granulomas are seen. No evidence of maliganancy is seen.the large bowel mucosa consists of tubular glands showing no distortion , no shotening , no mucin depletion , no significant increase in inflammatory cell infiltration is seen ,, no evidence of malignancy is seen

2) section show portion of large bowel mucosa consisting of tubular glands showing no distortion . No shortening , mildly increased chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate is seen in lamina propria no granuloma are seen no specific features are present , no evidence of
malignancy is seen
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lamina propria: "The lamina propria is a constituent of the moist linings known as mucous membranes or mucosa, which line various tubes in the body (such as the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract, and the urogenital tract)." There's a image in the link that shows where that section is in the intestines (its near the surface).

So you have mild yet increased chronic inflammation in the lamina propria cells in your ascending colon. No granuloma were present. "Granulomas are inflammatory cells (macrophages) that are occasionally found in people with Crohn's Disease. One study [1] found a prevalence rate of 24.3%. They are one means of differentiating between Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis as they are not found in those with UC." Although many members with Crohn's don't have granulomas present during scopes.

I'd continue testing to find the cause as many things can cause inflammation. After these findings I don't believe that IBD has been ruled out. It could still be Crohn's or Ulcerative colitis yet it could also be microscopic colitis

What did your GI suggest for treatment after these findings?
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after recived my biopsy result
i could not visited G.I goctor because he will come back in pakistan after two days he went to london and will be come back

i have to much abdominal pain in right side my biopsy look like normal
oh my GOD i need treatment for disease
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hello all

my G.I doctor said to me
your all kind of report are negative

he advice me for laprotomy
because i have been suffering from right side abdominal pain
diarrhea and thin stool

will laprotomy become help full for me to find out my problem
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Hi, a laparotomy is good way to have a proper look on the outside of your bowel.
For me.. (I am undiagnosed too) I had LRQ pain too. And the laparotomy found it was a grumbing appendix which caused secondary inflammation in the terminal ileum.

Hope it goes well xx
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Seronegative Inflammatory Arthritis / SAPHO syndrome

Vitamin B12 injections
(Previously Prednisolone.. worked a treat!)

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thanks to all my dears

no body can belive what is wrong with me
because i have been suffering from 5 years in this situation

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