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Does anyone have IBS as well as diagnosed IBD?


My Gastro thinks I may have symptoms of IBS in addition to my diagnosed crohns. I've been having lots of very bad spasm type pains, lots of bowel movements, of which not all are diahorrea, generally feeling lots of pain in my abdomen high up and low down. My CRP has been relatively ok over the last couple of weeks (15 -30) I know this as I am having weekly blood tests, so it doesn't feel like a flare. The pain has been far worse than anything I've experienced and quite frightening. I'm so confused, my gastro isn't keen on me taking IBS meds like Buscopan as she says it could slow my bowel and cause a blockage. Ive taken some peppermint oil to try and help but its not really worked. I don't know what to do, im not coping very well in general and worrying about going to work crying a lot. I just know I can't continue with this pain. Has anyone any experience with having IBS in addition to IBD, it just feels like a bad joke that we could have both
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Hi Joonie! I have been diagnosed with both IBS and IBD. Its not nice! Yes, quite unfair! It makes it hard to know what symptoms are from what issue. When I get my IBD under control, I'm still experiencing alot of bloating, BAD cramping and irregular BMs. My doctor hasn't really suggested anything to help the IBS, mostly I just have to deal with it which really sucks because it is always there making me feel just plain unwell! Sorry to hear you are having similar issues!
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Thanks Rachael4848. I've just had an IBS medication I know I shouldnt but I can't face another night of pain again. :-( I'm so disappointed that I am having IBS symptoms just as the crohns seems to be coming under control, it's so depressing.
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Hi Joonie
Sorry to hear of your problems and hope you will be able to get some relief.
I have the same problem, crohn's and IBS.
The GI will not treat the IBS and so we are left to suffer the pain which can be quite debilitating.
Sometimes heat will help and other times I find regular strength tylenol may help.
Mostly I use heating pad and hot water bottles. It is not easy to tolerate it.
I cannot understand why the GI leaves us in this misery.
Much worse with a flare.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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Hi, Joonie.

I've also been diagnosed with both IBD and IBS. I've never heard that antispasmodics could cause a blockage, however. My GI is very enthusiastic about trying them, even though I haven't had much luck with any yet. The other two GIs I've seen the past also prescribed them.

Do you have any stricturing that you're aware of?

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My GI feels I have IBS and IBD. I disagree. The reasoning is, I was in remission for 2 years but would still have some symptoms particularly if I ate the wrong thing. My GI felt that, since I was in remission, any symptoms I was having couldn't be related to IBD, so it must be IBS. I disagreed with that reasoning - just because the IBD monster was asleep doesn't mean it was gone, and I feel like IBS is a lazy diagnosis. It seems to be a moot point now that I am apparently in a flare - my guess now is that my symptoms were the start of the flare coming on.

IBS meds/antispasmodics don't work for me either. I don't put a whole lot of merit in IBS as it's such a general diagnosis and seems to be slapped on anyone with gastro symptoms, regardless of if they may actually have something else going on. Just my opinion of course. To the original poster, if you're having pain that drives you to tears, get a second opinion. "IBS" shouldn't be that severe - it may be Crohn's or something else, but you need to get it looked at if it's that bad. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!
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SarahBear, I don't have any stricturing that I know of. Certainly not on my last colonoscopy last year anyway.

I've sent them an email today saying its becoming too much and I need some help with the IBS problems if its not my crohns playing up. Thanks for your advice everyone - it certainly helps to know I'm not alone.

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