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Fitness with an ileostomy

Not sure if this is the right place.

I had my surgery in mid April that was supposed to just be a ileocecal re-section
but it turned out my intestines got stuck to the wall of my stomach and I had a hole in my small intestine that hooked onto another piece of intestine and would not pass food correctly so I had to get an ileostomy to help it heal. I would really like to start gaining weight and getting bigger before school starts this year (junior year!) but I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to do. I'm pretty active now, I am like a brand new person and actually have energy and would like to start running, playing lacrosse and would like to start working out with weights. Does anyone have any idea of how much I'm allowed to lift? I'm kind of worried about lifting too much because I hear it's pretty easy to get a hernia due to the stoma. I'd love if anyone could give me an idea on a good work out plan if that's possible. I'm super skinny ( 5'10-115 lbs) and would like to be at least 130 lbs by September. I'm trying to drink a lot of Ensure and Boost but they just get old after a while. Does anyone have any tips?

Also, the plan is to get my ileostomy reversed in early August and my doctor would like me to gain a good amount of weight before then!
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Go on the starting strength forums and ask Mark Rippetoe and Andy Baker if they have any experience training people with a stoma.

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