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Azathioprine, work & holidays

Just looking for a bit of advice really...
I had an MRI scan recently which has resulted in my GI writing to me to tell me he would like to start me on Azathioprine
I'm now waiting for an appointment to see the specialist nurse, I have a list of questions for her already and have done some research on azathioprine which scared me a little.

I work in a hospital and I'm worried about the chances of catching something easily? Am I better asking for office/paper work? Will I be ok dealing with patients?
I'm also due to go away for two weeks in September (staying in Europe) is it worth trying to hold off the aza untill I return? I feel perfectly fine apart from the constant loose stools
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Although I am not on azathioprine I have been on other drugs that come along with warning of infections I just keep up the same standards I always do keeping good hand hygiene and being careful around certain people with infections. I work in a hospital as well and I haven't noticed an increase in being ill but I don't have a lot of patient contact in my job as I work in the lab but I do have contact with a lot of samples which has a risk to it.
It should be fine to travel on aza but the first month or so may make you feel more tired or sick as you get used to it.
Hope this helps a bit and you get to enjoy your holiday
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Hi. I have taken 150mg Imuran for 7 months now. I have not noticed any infections that does not heal. I'm not around sick people and I also live in the desert so I rarely get colds or flues. I do get cat scratches, and they heal fine. But I know you should be careful, after all it does suppress the immune system. Maybe your dr could add some advice?
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I've been on both Aza and Remicade for a year now and work in a hospital (with direct patient contact). I have noticed that I pick up colds frequently but I also live in a cold climate with a high incidence of colds and flu. I try to limit my time around infectious patients (TB, MRSA, C-diff, etc) as much as possible but that doesn't always work out. So far no problems though. My GI told me ideally he would rather I not be around sick people but realizes that's not an easy change and just to be as careful as I can :-) For me, the risk of being immunosuppressed is far less than letting my disease remain unchecked. I hope this helps you a bit!

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