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Unsure of what this is exactly....


I've had trouble with my GI system for several years now.

I had a CT abdomen scan done:

1. Mild dilation of distal ileal loops with findings consistent with
2. Cholelithiasis.
3. The stomach, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, colon, and rectum appear

In the upper GI my stomach was inflamed and had some edema, and I have a hemmorage in my stomach that is bleeding and causing mild anemia as well as nutritional deficiency(such that I broke my leg and it took me 14 months to recover) resulting in weak bones(and probably other stuff)

I know this is gross but it is what it is. Stool movements are either like once every 2-3 days(because I usually only eat once a day, right at the end before I go to sleep) or they are extremely frequent. The two kinds of stool are:
1. Green Stool that is loosely formed and looks like its covered in mucous
2.Almost normal looking stool, but with patches of much lighter brown, and streaks of green and manilla tan throughout the stool.

Much of the time the stool is constrained and it looks very thin & narrow and passing bowel movements hurts. I have had to stop drinking, smoking

I have a host of other stuff wrong with me, just wondering what others experiences were like with this. Sorry If I grossed anyone out but life is too short to be awkward.

EDIT: I had an abdominal MRI with contrasting stuff. It will be a few days before I can see the results.

EDIT: Endoscopy -
Patchy mild
inflammation characterized by congestion (edema) and erythema was
in the gastric antrum.
Unspecified gastritis and
gastroduodenitis with hemorrhage

Colonoscopy -
Patchy erythematous mucosa in the Rectum
External hemorrhoids
the ileum was normal except a small patch of nodular mucosa.

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Hi and Welcome to the Forum. Just want to send support. I hope you get the results of the MRI soon, and you can get a Diagnosis. Please let us know how it goes.
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