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Please help with these questions

so stupid me decided it was a top idea to research this new medication I startd taking today and all ive found is a lot of confusion.

So Im on purinethol. Thats 6mp right?

So i hear about nausea, how long after you take each tablet is the nausea likely to kick in? Im trying to work out when would be the best time of the day for me to take it so I can still make it to work. I tend to work at different hours, sometimes I start at 530am, sometimes its 9ish, other times its lunchtime. So just trying to sort that out. Any ideas would be great.

I also see on one page i was reading that sulfasalazine is contra indicated with purinethol. that means it can inhibit how it works right? So if thats the case, why am I still taking `12 sulfasalazine a day plus my starting up dose of 50mg of purinethol? Clinic nurse getting a call from me tomorrow for sure.

All up Im taking 6000mg of sulfasalazine a day, 50mg of purinethol a day, and 40 mg of prednisone a day.

And I started this crap with a cold that has been hanging around for 7 weeks already. Im starting to feel like Im nver going to get rid of it.
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6mp is Purinethol.

My son takes his at night right before bed to sleep through any nausea. We were told to avoid milk products one hour before taking the dose. He had some nausea at first while he was adjusting to the medication but now has no issues at all. We were told by our first GI no food for one hour before and two hours after taking the dose. Our new GI said that was unnecessary. But, I have seen a difference in my sons labs when he follows the no eating advice. The GI said he cannot explain that, but I would just make sure you are somewhat consistent with which ever way you choose to take them. (We had a new GI because of a move to another state)

It can take a while to find the right dose, so it can be a bit of trial and error. Our GI said if you are having severe nausea or vomiting or other side effects you are probably on too high of a dose.

My son was more prone to colds and viruses when he was first diagnosed, mostly I believe because he was sick and his body was depleted. Now that he is healthy again the 6mp doesn't seem to have an effect on how often he is sick. In fact I would say he gets sick much less often than his classmates, but we are very strict about hand washing.

I am afraid I don't know anything about a contra indication on the sulfasalazine. But, my son was prescribed Allopurinol and 6mp which are contra indicated also and it was exactly what the GI intended. I think it is a good idea to double check though.

Good luck, and let us know how you are getting along!
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