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A new first!

Another one to add to the list, after having crohns for 2 years now I have never shit my pants in public and not had a spare pair of clothes. It was the start of a pub crawl 30 miles away from home with a load of mates... Lucky my dad was one of them and came to the rescue by cleaning my clothes in the toilets, I have poop all over my shorts, pants, legs, crotch, it was just everywhere.. If he wasn't there I don't know what I would have done.
So I had to endure the whole day out keeping sober. 10 pubs later and I have really had enough. Is this my future... I cant cope if its going to carry on like this... Remicade is obviously not working, Im halfway through my 3rd dose. Still having diarrhea like this every other day. And in between that extremely painful constipation and dry solid poop!

Sorry to moan, I understand for some of you have it allot worse.

Just rather pissed off, I'm 18... and I shit myself in public, no medication seems to work. It just gets worse.

Sorry again,
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You've been on 4 different forms of Mesalamine which is one of the mildest treatments out there for Crohn's (its really better for UC actually). Aza, Entocort, 6MP and Remicade are unfortunate that they didn't work but combining some may. Has your GI mentioned combining any of these medications? There's still Humira, Cimzia, Methotrexate, LDN etc to try so don't get discouraged. I know trial and error with medication sucks and I hate it too but there is something out there that will work for you even if it means combining some (I'm on Methotrexate, 6MP and Entocort right now and will be starting Cimzia soon yet its unknown which meds I'll stay on once that's added).

I've had one moment where some stool came out in public (these girls were not getting out of the bathroom). Luckily it wasn't too bad and I was able to just throw away my underwear and basically freeball it for the long ride home. My friend was understanding and would pull over if I needed to stop (couldn't throw my pants away next as I didn't have spare underwear). Even if this doesn't happen all the time its a good idea to have a spare change of clothes just in case yet I don't think to do it because its pretty rare for me. I have to say though a bar crawl during a flare isn't really a good idea. I'm sure you know that though. :P

Basically no this is not your future. Its a shitty flare and I wish you would go into remission soon so you can go back to living a normal life. Keep your chin up and keep fighting.
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Your experience sounds awful, but chances are it's "just" a bad flare and won't be a regular occurrence.

Consider carrying a bag with extra underwear in it. I always do (though I'm a woman, so it's more normal for me to carry a bag).
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Awww Liam...That sucks! Good thing your dad was there to help you out! It's a lot easier for a woman to carry spares in those types of situations because they can put it in a purse. Is there a backpack or a messenger bag that you could would be comfortable carrying around with you?

Also you just started Remicade. You have to give this specific medication some time to kick in, it might be best to ease up on the pub crawls (as fun as many of us know they are ) and let your body heal. Some moderate drinking may be tolerable, but routine drinking (in excess or not), may not help the situation because for some IBD conditions drinking makes bathroom urgencies much worse for sure.

I've had an accident before, but luckily I managed to run and make it to the front porch of my apartment complex before it came out. I have had MANY scares though. I hope you get it all figured out. And I hope you can go back to living a reasonably normal young adult life very soon!
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your not alone there , you will never find me without my backpack which contains:

2 toilet rolls
a pack of flush able wipes
a strong deodorant spray
a pair or spare underwear and trousers
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Thanks for the support guys. After re-reading what I had wrote today, it makes it me look quite bad! I wouldn't have been drinking much anyway even if I hadn't of had the "incident". I had planned keeping fairly sober as I knew it wasn't a great idea as I have been flaring. But just didn't want to look like the odd one out ordering tap water at every pub.

My GI has talked about mixing Methotrexate with my Remicade, I see him next week. I will make sure to bring up and ask if it was a possibility as Remicade on its own really isn't working.

I do occasionally carrying a bag with clothes with me, but only to more private places (eg exams, hidden in my locker at work etc). But I just find it hard, I already feel like I stick out because of my regular toilet breaks, only a handful of people know I have crohns so its I would hate to stand out anymore. I'm not too comfortable with it.

Thanks again for the support.
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Talk to your GI about taking the Methotrexate in injection form as since we have absorption issues the pill form may not be best for people with Crohn's (so says my Rheumatologist and I agree).

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