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Extraintestinal Symptoms?

Has anyone experienced the extraintestinal symptoms commonly associated with UC with a diagnosis of either MC or ME? I'm in the middle of my diagnosis and have, to some degree, just about every UC extraintestinal symptom, but not all of the major intestinal symptoms.
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Can you elaborate a little more which extra intestinal manifestions you have?
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I've been doing more reading and refining my self-diagnosis - absent an primary care provider at the moment as I'm waiting for a new patient appointment after firing my Physician's Assistant for being an arrogant, insulting, and dangerous mis-diagnosing quack.

I was thinking two skin conditions I have were Erythema Nodosum and Pyoderma Gangrenosum, but more likely they were neither.

I've also had my second, observed, case of bloody diarrhea and possible mucus, two signs of Ulcerative Colitis.

I am having dry eyes, possibly Uveitis, increased joint pain after exercise, becoming body wide at its most extreme (reactive arthritis, mild fybromyalgia?) I do have definitely diagnosed fatty liver with non-alcoholic enzyme counts and ultrasound diagnosis.

Similarly, I am an ex-smoker and have type 2 diabetes - just now coming back from being completely diet controlled. I have also had non-graves hyperthyroidism.

Flares are coming and going, but things have been slowly been getting worse for over six months, since a winter food poisoning incident that killed my dog with diabetes related pancreatitis. My guess at this point is Yersinia Enterocolitica, but I've also likely had some minor symptoms since my young adulthood.

I'm thinking my skin problems might somehow be related to Mastocytic Entercolitis, but that's very speculative. The rash/hives things may have been a reaction to antibiotics. A flagyl course, trying to rule things out were pretty clearly not the problem triggered my worst flare ever and a round of cellulitis and a major step up in the return of my diabetes. The cellulitis, to which I've been susceptible roughly coincident to my diagnosis of diverticulitis, ten years ago.
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Many of those EIMs come with Crohn's disease as well. I'm trying to understand what you have actually been diagnosed with as you mentioned "self diagnosis." Do you have a GI? Are you on any kind of treatment at the moment?
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I am aware that there is considerable overlap between Crohn's and UC, including on 'EIM's. I have a GI, but the colonoscopy is still a month away and things are still getting worse, albeit slowly. Although I'm still self educating myself on triggers, including some very good nutritional help from the GI's Nurse Practitioner the biggest trigger so far appears to be exercise, which is really frustrating as that is a big part of my overall self-treatment.

I did a whole lot of reading over the weekend, including discovering this forum and my guess is I've either got a mild case of UC or a serious case of microscopic colitis. The onset of my current symptoms was with a bout of food poisoning, which, overall, including the winter infection, sounds like a case of Yersinia Enterocolitica. I asked the GI today about doing an antibody test, and, via the phone nurse, they came back with a stool test - which I believe would be for a current infection, not a past one.

A Google on Yersinia Enterocolitica and Microscopic Colitis gets a number of hits, but I don't think those studies, etc have made it all the way to clinical practice. Of course a colon biopsy is the most important test, but it still seems like important info.

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