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Sugar Free Diet

I have been looking for any changes I can make to my general lifestyle that may help me to get into remission & stay there. My Dr is of the view that there are not really any changes for me to make but I have read a lot about the benefits of giving up sugar in all forms. Just wondering if anyone here has given it a try & whether or not it was effective in reducing inflammation. Thanks.
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Would suggest to check SCD / GAPS diet - trying to limit on top of it the levels of honey / fructose consumed - to no more than 15% of the overall diet. Anyhow - as many will advise - this is very individual - so would suggest to start with one protocol and adjust over time.
Good luck!
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I was sugar-free for a while - did me absolutely no good at all. You would do better just to monitor yourself and see if any particular types of food consistently cause you problems. Some common ones are dairy, gluten and too much fibre. Sugar shouldn't usually cause a problem for someone with Crohn's.
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I felt much better being sugar free but I couldn't hold up because I have a sweet tooth. The Paleo, SCD and GAPS diet are mostly sugar free and the sugars in the diet are much better than simple white sugars.

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