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A Eureka moment!

Hi... I have been battling crohns for 35 years and except for suffering through a perforation, surgery, a few abscesses due to infection, which resulted in an illeostomy for one year and a resection in 1977 I have been managing OK. Unfortunately I have had increasing trouble with diarrhea over the last 5 years, which has been increasing in frequency and with less and less warning... Over the last few years it has begun to become unmanageable and I have started to worry how I would mange this as I got older as I am 58 today.
A few months ago I was diagnosed with acid reflux, and was prescribed "zantac" to treat it.. After a few weeks on Zantac (which is available over the counter) fortunately my swollen ulcerated throat seem to heal itself, by getting rid of the acid and I breathed a sigh of relief. The zantac is used to reduce acid building up in the stomach and esophagus.. For some reason at the same time my 6-7 daily trips to the bathroom also started to dissipate. it is a few months later and my diarrheah is almost a thing of the past, and my trips to the bathroom are back to a manageable and normal once per day... My runny stools are also a not so distant memory but are A DISTANT ONE. It seems to make sense if stomach acid can cause such discomfort due to foods we eat, one can only imagine if this acid found its way into your small intestine what havoc it could cause if not treated... Anyway, it seems to have helped me quite a bit so I thought I would offer my story and see if this could be of help to anyone...
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Thank you for sharing your success story with us Offramp. I hope your symptoms continue to improve.
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