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Annoyed of meds

We have all had those times when we just wanted to chuck all our meds in the garbage and never go to another doctors appointment because maybe if we ignored it it would get easier. This isn't that, its worse. I am not certain that I feel any better on my meds than off them. My Crohn's has calmed down a lot in the past few years which is why I can even feel this way- which is a blessing- but now I'm at that awkward stage where my meds maybe have just as many side effects as the actual disease.
I'm on MTX, 60mL/week (inject) plus some GERD meds, lots of vitamins, stuff for my thyroid, and stuff for chronic migraines. could be a lot worse. except MTX kicks my butt! The day after I inject is pretty much a do nothing day for me I'm just too feverish and want to barf.
I don't have many options, humira, remicade stopped working for me and I had a terrible reaction to prednisone, its really all steroids, so I can't go back on that. the sulfas never did too much either.

so MTX the only things that works is making me sick but if I come off of it and get sicker or stay on it and lose 1 day a week to just feeling miserable.

what to do....
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That doesn't sound good. What has your GI said about those symptoms? You do get blood work done once a month to check your liver function right?

I know the feeling. We're not out of options yet though. Has your GI thought about adding something (like Aza or 6MP) to the MTX? There's also Cimzia and LDN. Its hard to make that decision of, "which is worse? The side effects or the damage done by Crohn's?" For me, it depends on the side effects. If they truely are causing more harm then I switch to something else. Yet I do know the feeling of running out of different meds and combinations to try. Hopefully better treatment will be available (or better yet a cure) soon.
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