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Humira in BC


Anyone from British Columbia had their special authority application been turned down and then reversed. I've been turned down and have no idea how I'm going to pay for humira. The drug company gave me the first two induction doses. I am self employed and the insurance plan I have only covers me for $1800 in drugs for the year which is used up pretty quick with my diabetes drugs. Any advise as to if we can appeal?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Careyearl,

Although I live in Alberta, I have read that most provinces have special authorization programs. I believe this is the URL you're looking for:

If you do a Google search for "british columbia special authorization programs for humira for crohn," you will see a link to:

health.gov.bc.ca/pharmacare/sa/criteria/formsindex.htm with www in front of it.

(Instead of replying, I've had so post to a new thread because I'm new to the forum).

Hope this helps!


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