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Specific Carbohydrate Diet Survey

Hello, everyone! I am relatively new here, my name is Jess and my 12 year old son has had a fairly severe case of fistulizing Crohn's for 4.5 years.

I have been looking into the specific carbodydrate diet (SCD), and I have heard that it helps some people a lot but doesn't help others. After talking to a nurse friend, I have started to wonder if maybe the type or severity of Crohn's could account for response or lack of response to the SCD. It is fairly difficult to follow this diet, so it could help a lot of us if we could have an idea of whether or not it might help before deciding to try it, KWIM?

Sooooo..... can anyone who has tried the SCD reply and tell me:
Did the SCD help you?
How long did you try it/how closely did you follow it?
Do you have fistulizing or stricture-forming Crohn's?
How long have you had Crohn's?
How severe were your symptoms before starting the SCD?
Anything else?

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I think everyone should try it. It helped E tremendously. I don't know if it is the sole answer I once thought it was. I am not saying it isn't the answer for some people, I am simply unsure at this point. I do believe there are different types of Crohn's. I don't think it will hurt to try it. We had to alter it to the point that it looked more like Whole 30. Have you looked at that diet?
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Look at paleo diet autoimmune protocol, look at GAPS diet, and look at SCD diet. They're all very similar so pick what seems most doable and try it for a few months.
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i have been using these principles to manage my symptoms for 4 years. never had any complication, except last 8 months dealing with fissures which are in control right now. otherwise no surgerys fistulas or pain. i have averaged 1 bm per day since starting SCD 3 weeks after colonoscopic diagnosis.

i do not make the yogurt, its too hard. but i do eliminate as much lactose and sucrose and some complex carbs like corn, barley and rice. i also eat wheat(only gold medal brand) and some oats and can tolerate some beans. i found all rfruits have sucrose so i eat very small amount of fruit.

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