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Mini Vent: Just Tired

Just need to get this off my chest. I've had this crappy disease for 35 year and sometimes it gets to me. Even when not flaring I get regular obstructions landing me in hospital and screwing up employment. This current flare has gone on for over a year. I feel lousy and tired every day but I'm not severly under weight so i dont look seriously ill. I put pressure on myself to do more but i cant. Since last surgery in may I'm putting weight on again. It's costing me everything I have AGAIN and while I have great family and friends I do feel as though I'm on my own in this and will always be.
Vent over. Tomorrow is a new day.
Thanks for listening.
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Hugs to you! Vent away....
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It's good to vent......Hope you feel better very soon . Take care and vent away.

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