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Bit of a vent

So I have just been through the month from hell and am glad July is over for another year!
I don't know what it is, but for as long as I can remember, July has been the most horrible month of the year to me- usually it's just a flare up and relationship breakup, but this year:

Firstly, someone smashed into my car in the car park and didn't leave a note with their details (didn't bother me so much because at least I was feeling ok, and I can deal with a few months of having a huge dent and scrapes all up my car until my excess comes down to repair it).
Next, I had to have my timing belt replaced and the mechanic found something else which needed to be replaced (meh, it's just money...)
My partner messaged me to say she had pneumonia and I didn't see her for a fortnight.
My brother wrote his car off and is lucky to be alive (not as bad as it could've been thankfully), and then went missing after someone picked him up off the side of the road.
My sister had her second miscarriage this year and lost a huge amount of blood due to complications.
On Monday night I came down with a virus- it's showing no signs of getting better and I'm starting to feel a bit of a flare coming on.
Last night my Nanna had to go down to the ER with a bowel obstruction. They haven't been able to do much for her yet (she also has cancer and the doctors are saying she may be too weak for surgery, so they're giving it time to clear itself with enemas/talking about making her comfortable for potentially her last days).

Anyone else hate July?
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I hated July too, but I'm starting to rethink it. . . based on your month mine was peaches.

My parents are moving hundreds of miles away
My beloved Daycare provider is retiring (which means my kids are loosing a set of grandparents and the two other mothers they have grown up with)
My kids got Hand, Foot and Mouth (seperate times of course)
My daughter and I had the stomach / diarrhea bug - it only lasted a few days with me, she's on her 3rd week of loose stools.
The new daycare is $75/week more than what we were paying (and that is the cheapest good one we could find)

All seems silly in comparison to your July though.

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