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Erosion pre-pyloric fold

Following my EUS it was noted that I have a pre-pyloric fold erosion. My pancreas wasn't biopsied as the cystic lesion is on the splenic vein. So far my GI thinks I have Crohns but am still undergoing tests.

Folate Deficiency
Faecal Calprotection - Raised
Abdominal u/s - Gallstone
MRCP - 1cm Gallstone, 1.5cm cystic lesion pancreas
Colonoscopy - Normal appearance, Biopsies Inflammation Terminal Ileum
EUS fna f/u 3 months . MRCP to evaluate cystic lesion. Pre-pyloric fold erosion biopsied. CLO test negative.

MRE 5/8/13
Capsule endoscopy TBA.

I just wondered if this erosion could be linked to Crohns or is this a separate issue? Any advice is appreciated. Kind regards
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Hello! Im really sorry.. but im not too sure what prepyloric erosion is?

We do have a section for extra intestinal manifestations

Take a look in there and see if anything offers an insight into it. In the meantime.. im going to have a look around for you and ill get back to you

Also.. I think the fact you have inflammation in the terminal ileum is a huge indicator for Crohn's.. have they said what theyre going to do next?
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