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Weird symptoms related to entocort?

Okay, so I am on entocort for MC and I've noticed some weird symptoms that I'm wondering if they are related to meds or something totally different. I've been getting this weird body zap feeling like I've been stung by a bee but there is nothing there. And this am I woke up dizzy and really foggy feeling. I tend to get dizzy and nauseous when my GI tract isn't working well but this is different (and I actually feel amazing GI wise). I get really bad pins and needles but that started before the meds, the zapping feeling is totally new. Other than this new stuff and the lovely oral thrush side effect, the entocort is really helping!
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Since Entocort is a steroid drug, you can experience symptoms that you would on prednisone. The difference with Entocort is that you may not experience AS many symptoms as you do on prednisone.

Attached is a list of common side effects with prednisone

Please notify your doctor of your side effects so that you can be properly monitored while on Entocort if in fact they are causing your symptoms.

Hope they go away and you start feeling better soon!
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