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I've been searching for anything related to pilates on this forum and found out that it's helpful for many here.
I've tried some exercises recently + special breathing and it seems to help me with reducing neck and back pain.
However it seems that most of pilates exercises require constant abdominal muscles strain. I've got a flare in a week since I've started pilates: the ileocecal zone is hurting.
I hope it's a coincidence but I'm scared yet to continue the exercises.

It would be very helpful to hear your good and bad experience with pilates.
Which pilates exercises could be safe for the tummy?

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If you are new to exercise and/or just recently coming out of a flare....regardless of what exercise you do you should start lightly and gradually. I could see pilates which is very core focused causing some discomfort in the beginning especially if you are pushing yourself more than you have in a long while or after an illness.

With regards to exercises for the tummy, when I come out of a flare I usually start by sticking to light cardio, walking and core stretching to test my comfort levels which for me personally feels safer. Pilates is pretty hard on me if I haven't worked my core in a while and it makes everything including my intestines hurt. So I work up to being able to do those core-specific exercises once I am better healed and have built some endurance.

I am also interested to hear what others have to say about this topic.
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