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Food regret!

This happens to me...well almost every meal.....I feel crappy but then oh maybe I'm a little hungry and I find something I'm hungry for and devour it because I haven't eat in hours. Then I'm far too full and my stomach bloats and threatens to all come up.
Why do I do it, well because it was delicious at the time, I was hungry at the time, and I can't always eat. Right now I'm in a serious moment of food regret, I ate a giant burger.
Ok thats all, some of you are probably jealous that I can do that, but hopefully I'm not alone in my food regret.
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WOAH, a burger in your condition is a pretty intense choice!

I hate being in a flare and having moments like that. You can't help it sometimes and you just have to learn the hard way for the sake of nutrients and flavor and ridding yourself of hunger and "good" food deprivation (lol). So no, you are DEFINITELY not alone in that aspect!

Hopefully you have some soft, bland foods around to help hold you over. Red meat sounds like it was an intense choice for you. I could NEVER eat a burger during a flare. It would hurt like hell and put me in the bathroom for hours. I'm not a big red meat eater to begin with (never have been) but when I stop flaring it is one of the things I try to eat after a while because I want to be able to savor it while I can in my lifetime lol.

Feel better!
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Oh you are definitely not alone, it's 2.45am and I'm sat up not feeling so good, it wasn't a burger for (though it sounds really good) nope for me it was a steak, just a small one but big enough to cause trouble! Sometimes I can get away with it, but not this time .
I hope your burger blues go away quickly and your tum settles down soon. Take care.

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