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View Poll Results: Have you been subject to bottom up or top down treatment?
Bottom up! 60 81.08%
Top down! 14 18.92%
Voters: 74. You may not vote on this poll

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Neither really, it depended on my disease state. I kind of think that is how it should be. I don't think all patients should be treated equally, each person is different and it should be personalised.
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I was a mix as well. Initially put on Pentasa which did nothing. A few months later added pred as things were getting worse. Had no response to pred and was still losing weight so skipped over aza and went stright to biologics (Remicade). Did well on Remicade and successfully dropped down to aza.
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first gi top down
second gi bottom up

pain wise top down was by far better. but i assume it comes with more possible side affects.
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Top down. My kid was so bad we had no time to try the bottom. If it didn't take so long to get into a GI we might have had other options.

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First gi bottom up and now I just get the big guns of treatment because they feel my disease state is very aggressive and can't be left alone.
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Technically, my son had the bottom up approach, but it was an extremely rapid progression. He basically spent a summer in and out of the hospital. The first admit they did no real testing and tried to convince everyone it was a virus. The second time, they did the colonoscopy and found the crohn's and started the 6MP. The third admit ( and longest) they discovered the true extent of the crohn's involvement and gave me the wonderful speech that every mother wants to hear "Normally, we would do a resection, but he is too sick with the Crohn's everywhere else to try surgery" Instead they started him on Remicade, which worked great for 13 doses....and then triggered a grand mal seizure.
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I really can't vote because I've been subjected to both. I've been diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitis which is located in the rectum. So, I mostly take Pentasa pills (top down), but when I flare I also take Canasa Suppositories which are bottom up.

Even when I was first diagnosed in '96 I was given both top down and bottom up at the same time.
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