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Crohns op and weight loss

Had my 4th bowel op 4 weeks ago, Hospital yesterday have lost another 1.5 stones in the three weeks I have been home,I cried yesterday at the hospital,this last op (Bowel resection)has left me in a real depressive state,I cannot eat properly,cup of tea,tastes awful,am trying to have tiny amounts of food every two hours. going to bed and tryin to get comfy is a joke,and if I sit down,I have problems then getting up and walking about.
My inside feels absolutely raw,and it feels as though I don't seem to be making any headway, I pray every night,that I will feel better next day,but still struggling.My bowel habit is constant brown water,that explodes with wind trying to get out the same time,I then end up with really bad spasms in my gut, the IBD Nurse specialist said this is all normal,but to me I am feeling constantly dehydrated all the time.
Is anyone else going through this stage at present,and if so,can they see light at the end of the tunnel,because at the moment I cannot.

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It sounds like you are having a really rough time. If your IBD nurse is saying its normal its probably just unfortunately part of the recovery. You are still only 4 weeks out and it can sometimes take a few weeks to really get better.

Are you on any pain killers to manage the pain?
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Oh trish! no advice really other than stay in close contact with your doc! Hugs xx
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Hi Trish,
I'm so sorry you're not feeling great. That's a lot if weight to lose in a short time, were they not concerned when you saw the Dr today? I'm not sure if i'd think that was good they think your current symptoms are normal, or not, if that means they can't or won't help! Have you thought about or are you having any nutrition drinks? That would give your bowel a rest and time to heal up better maybe, and the nutrition to do it if you can't eat much? As for feeling depressed, that's not surprising after major surgery so I've read, especially if you're not recovering as quickly as you hoped or have done before. But it is only 4 weeks, hopefully you'll turn the corner soon. Sorry I can't help with being in the same situation as my first surgery is still a few weeks away, but hope this helped a bit.
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Trisha I am so sorry your going through this. I wish there was something I could say or do to make you feel better. As Sophie said, stay in close contact with your doctor. You are pretty fresh out of surgery. Give it some time. I had a rough one last summer complete with blood infection, ICU and 5 weeks in hospital. I was so discouraged and depressed (found the crohns was back) I didn't think I could go on. It took awhile but I healed up...I know you will too. Hang in there. Do you have friends and family close by?
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Thank you all for your replies,you have cheered me up a little,the IBD Nurse has told me to drink Build Up,I have Fortijuice,but unable to stomach it at present,She said I have to treat food as medicine,and to eat every two hours to try and get the weight back on,but at the moment that's easier said than done,everything is pouring through me at present so quickly.Am seeing a Dietician next week,they have suggested this will help with nutritional needs.So will see how I get on. thank you all so much,just hope I can get up one of these mornings and feel a bit better.thank you xxxxx
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Hi Trish, Sorry to hear you are suffering so much :-( Like the others say, it is early days after the op and the bowel takes time to settle down. Something to look into might be Short Bowel Syndrome. After 4 ops, I'm guessing you've had quite a lot taken away which can cause bad diahorrea. I know some people are prescribed Questran or such like to help with it. And others take psyllium husk - I'm thinking particularly of Dusty Kat's children who have had success with it.
Take care and hope the recovery gets a bit easier really soon.
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Thanks for our reply, think I will end up going down the questran route if it continues,I did ask the IBD Nurse and she did say that my looks was not showing any signs of Malabsorbtion,so am really hoping it all starts to settle down quickly.

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