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Floating diarrhea- anyone else ever experience this?

Hi all,

I'm trying not to freak out because fortunately I see my GI at Shands (UF) tomorrow. I had C.Diff in May, fecal transplants in July, on top of having celiac/colitis or possibly crohns. The infection made my colon inflamed (shown by biopsies from colonoscopy). My recent pill cam showed redness at the lower part of my terminal ileum.

I just started Entocort last Saturday (less than 1 week ago). My diarrhea is really concerning because I've never noticed such steatorrhea in my life. The diarrhea floats to the top of the toilet water. I'm so over the diarrhea and the concern over the malabsorption/floating! Could this be a post infectious symptom? It's been the same for at least a month now.

I tested at an urgent care walk-in clinic on Sunday for C.Diff, E.Coli, H.Pylori, Ova & Parasites, etc, etc...everything was negative.

Has anyone else ever experienced steatorrhea? I'm really upset and nervous about it. Please help!

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Yes this is a common experience with any type of inflammation. This is happening because your intestines are inflammed and what you are seeing is what you should be absorbing but cant because of malabsorption. Let the doctor know but also go buy some Whole Psyllium Husk Supplement. You mix this into your drink and it will firm everything up (Think of Metamucil) Find a good balance between constipation and diarrhea. It's not a great permanent solution but it will help in the meantime until you get answers. Also relax, worrying only makes things worse.
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I've had this lots, and have never had an infection. It's not harmful in itself, it depends what the underlying cause is. However the underlying cause could just be your Crohn's - it isn't necessarily tied to an infection or anything else. Just let your doctors know that it's happening, but don't worry about it unnecessarily.
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I have had Steatorrhea on and off for years and its so oily and foul smelling and indicative of fat malabsorption. I have never had a stool infection associated with it.

Have you discussed a drug like questran with your doctor or taking enzymes? Enzymes help break down the fat.

This is a really great article explaining this issue
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I started having the urgent, oily, floating D not long after my resection. I've been experimenting with my diet and have found that if I avoid fatty and sugary foods, I have fewer problems. I went vegetarian for a month and things were a lot better. A recent crisis resulting in a trip to the mainland and irregular eating and a lot of readymade and junk food completely messed up my stomach again, so I'm going back to vegetarian - well not totally, cos I can eat seafood.
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Thanks for the support. I've tried questran without changes. I've been extra gassy too, perhaps that plays a role. I try to follow SCD (minus dairy). I appreciate the tip on Psyllium Husk, might give that a try!

Informed GI of circumstance. I have lab orders to make sure it's not an autoimmune pancreatic issue. Also, doing various other blood tests to see if I'm a candidate for 6-MP/Methotrexate/Imuran. (I need a whole different thread on starting on such a med and advice/opinions on it). My GI says I'm an enigma. She was certain I was a crohnie but I'm not. I've had every test done and no pathology of crohns. Lymphocytic colitis is what I have but it's been difficult to manage with conventional treatments and diet.

I really adore my doctor at Shands UF. She's so caring and reassuring!

Thanks again for taking time to help out a concerned mama!
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Yup especially if I'm feeling bad

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