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Remicade & C Diff

Anyone know the probability of continuing with scheduled rem dose while fighting off c diff? Hubby has infusion scheduled for this Thursday and still is fighting the c diff. Was on flagyl for 5 days and kept getting worse so they switched him to vanco. Since being on the vanco he has leveled out to 13-15 bathroom breaks daily, pretty much stays the same every day and not getting worse.
He has an appt with gi tomorrow before Thursday's infusion to make the decision... Feel like if he doesnt get the infusion the Crohns will get way out of hand on top of the c diff. Ugh!
Last week his labs were not that great either. Hemoglobin only 7.0 and wbc was down to 2.6. They said something about Lactoferrin result not being good either.
Wondering if they typically do the infusion for the Crohns... not sure whats the worse of two evils.
Thanks for any input!
To top things off, my husbands employer of almost 17 years won't let him come back to work until he's c diff clear.... need to research if that's even legal???
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Did he get the Remicade infusion while having C diff? The GI wants my daughter to have her regular infusion while on Vano for C diff
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I got my Remicade infusion when I had C diff. Now I didn't know I had it, just I was felling horrible, found out my results 2 hours after. I don't think it made it any worse, but it didn't make my symptoms any better. Now I did the next infusion while still finishing a yourself flagyl, but testing C diff negative and they made me get medical clearance via them contacting my docs, even though my doctor told me on the phone he was fine with it..

In summary, I think your doctor might be okay with it but the remi clinic might not be. Even if your doctors says all good, call and ask.
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