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Liver/Kidney function


I have been on 75 mg Azathioprine for 7 weeks now. My latest bloods taken last Thursday have showed raised levels of alkaline phosphatase. Double what they should be.
I am well monitored, so I am not overly concerned, and it was at a time when I had just been diagnosed with erythema nodosum. I really hope its just a minor blip, I really want to give these meds a chance. I am back on 30mg Pred for the EN.

Just seems to be one thing after another!!!!! Early days tho to get all my meds settled and get my life back.

If anyone has had similar issues with Aza I would be thankful for some reassurance!!!!
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75 is a pretty low dosage for you to have side effects related to your liver. Did you feel like the medication was helping you at all in the months before these blood results came out? Have you and your GI discussed this and has he given you any other options with regards to medication?

Besides Aza and pred, what other medications are you taking for your IBD?

Make sure you are discussing all of your treatment options with your doctor, including combining meds.
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Yes, even in last week felt loads better. I m due to see IBD nurse Friday to discuss. No other meds. I did start a course of antibiotics from my GP who thought the EN was an infected hair follicle, I wasn't convinced, and it made me get stomach pains. Apparently antibiotics can make this specific level raise. I have convinced myself its just minor blip.
Hopefully this dose of Aza is enough fr me.
T x
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I only got diagnosed early July, so this is all new to me and early days for meds.
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I had trouble with azathioprine, could not get to a therapeutic level as my body was shunting the drug to my liver to eliminate. My doc added Alluprinol to alter the pathway and this did elevate the Aza level, but still did not achieve a therapeutic level. Side effects were kidney pain, exhaustion, lowered red blood cell and white blood cell counts, anemia. I quit taking the drugs and within a week the headaches eased, I started to feel more like myself, my energy started to come back up (slowly).

I was doing NAET acupuncture and vit c supplement and glutahion supplement during this course of therapy.

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