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Recurrent Abscess questions

Hi everyone! I hope to find you all doing as well as can be!

I have a few questions about a recurring perianal abscess that I hope maybe you could help give me some insight on.

As far as I know I don't have Crohn's, UC, or any type of bowel disorder. I've never exhibited any symptoms. I found my way here through googling the condition, and have been browsing. Sadly it seems many of you have suffered this unfortunate pain in the butt.

A little info about me: I'm a 26 year old active male (exercise 5-6 times per week), and am in otherwise good health. This issue started for me in early June I'd say. In June I noticed what was a small lump in the perianal area. I chalked it up to an ingrown hair because at the time it caused me zero pain, and never grew in size. Fast forward a month and right before July 4th it had become swollen and very painful. Foolishly since I didn't know what it was at the time, I tried to pop the abscess. Of course this irritated things. A couple days after the 4th it had burst itself while I was working. At that time I decided to take a trip to the ER and have the rest of it lanced. To my surprise they didn't lance the rest at the ER, and just suggested me sitz baths 4-5 times daily. After that I was to follow up with the doctor, which I did one week later.

When I went to the follow up with the doctor (general surgeon) he said all was fine, and I was good to go. I thought so as well because the wound had closed and I was experiencing no pain at all. Just a little tenderness where it initially burst.

Fast forward two weeks (to the day) I felt the abscess returning. I figured maybe the first time it didn't completely drain, or that the core was maybe still intact. I started to do sitz baths once again. Within a couple days the abscess burst whilst taking a shower which brought much relief. I continued with sitz baths until everything looked like it healed. I figured this was the end of it.

Fast forward another two weeks (to the day again!) and the abscess has returned for a third time. I've followed the same procedure as the past two times. Sitz baths 4-5 times daily and a quick shower after every BM. As I sit here now it appears to be "almost healed" once again. This time around I scheduled an appointment with a CRS to get his opinion on where we go from here.

Sorry for the long winded story. I'm just wondering what to expect going to the CRS. Since it's returning in the same place, is it likely a fistula? Could it be possible that the core never came out and that's why it keeps recurring in the same place and that it's NOT a fistula? Since the wound is now closed, should I expect the Dr. to open it up to explore for a fistula, or to open it up to see if there is more drainage to be done? During flares of abscesses have you all continued to exercise? I want to exercise, but am scared to get too much sweat in the area so I've only been going to the gym intermittently (when wound is closed).

Thanks for all the help and insight you all can give. As I'm sure you're all too familiar, I'd like to get back to have a normal butt!

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