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Pentasa granules?

Does anyone know anything about Pentasa® granules? I'm currently taking 6 500 mg pills daily and I have been facing issues with these pills for some time. There is not supposed to be too side effects present with the pills, but it sounds like this grauule alternative could possibly solve my problems. With the pills I get bloated all the time which isn't my biggest problem with them. My main issue is the fact that I get light headed if I don't eat enough food at a certain time and then take the pills. I started researching alternatives and this Pentasa® granules sounds like it could do the trick. Only needs to be taken once daily at most twice.
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Do they give just the granules? I'm on Pentasa as well, but inside the bright blue capsule are tons of little white granules.

The only side effect I had when taking it in the beginning is abdominal cramping. I don't know for sure that it was the Pentasa though, so it was just a thought. No light-headedness with it.

Good luck!
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My son takes the same amount 2 500mg 3xs a day they are blue and have little granules inside. If he happens to throw up, which he does frequently, you can see the little granules. So, if you are taking the HUGE blue pill then you already are taking the granules.
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I get mine in a sachet.

I pour them onto my tongue and drink them down.
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Hi, i know this thread is quite old but i was on pentasa tablets for a few months and had terrible cramps, bloating & light headedness plus they are really difficult to swallow. Switched to granules about 3 months ago and its MUCH better, easier to take, only have to take 2 sachets a day and ive had ZERO side effects with it.
hope this helps someone
L x
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The granules are all enteric coated to produce a prolonged release throughout the intestines once they enter the small bowel. I tried Pentasa in the form of capsules very briefly, gave me a huge headache & ringing in the ears, the latter effect being a classic salicylate side effect. Seems odd that simple eliminating the gelatin cap would eliminate side effects, but who knows?
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My Pentasa aren't in a capsule, they're in a tablet, but they go granular when wet


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