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Just a message for anyone feeling down

I doubt anyone remembers me. I imagine the turnover around here's pretty high. I remember some names, curious to know if you're still around.

I just thought I'd post this for, at the risk of sounding cheesy, providing hope to anyone who doesn't think there is any. I didn't think there was any for me at first. I felt that way for a long time. I actually remember saying something along the lines of "I don't feel like a healthy man who is occasionally sick, but a sick man who is occasionally well" -- but I just don't feel that way anymore. I don't know. I just... you do get over it eventually. Sometimes you might feel crap, but you no longer think of yourself as ill. Once your docs get your drug combination right and you've spent several months living life normally, you will COMPLETELY forget that you're technically suffering from a chronic disease altogether.

Downing the pills becomes such a small part of your life you don't even question them anymore, or associate them with illness. You just wake up, reach into the bottle and pocket a few pills to carry with you. You brush your teeth. Shower. Have breakfast with a dose. You live and carry on.

Since being diagnosed and spending a while on here moping, I've found permanent employment to go along with my studies, my energy has returned, I've been going out again, I've met new people and these past few months have honestly been some of the best I've had.

I'm not trying to gloat -- I just need people to know that your life doesn't end with the diagnosis. People kept trying to tell me that when I was emoing around here complaining about the dx, but I finally understand, and if you hang in there long enough so will you.

I will never post anything as sappy as this again.
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Thank you for the encouraging message.
It is refreshing to hear success stories and how well someone has coped with this miserable illness.
Good to know there is gold at the end of the rainbow.
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Thanks for sharing!!! It so good to read about others' doing well and having a success story to share!!
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So glad you are doing well!!!!
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Yay, that's so great that you are feeling good! Thank you for updating us all, and don't worry about gloating; it makes me happy to know that remission and health does eventually come to everyone
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I remember your avatar and I'm so glad you are doing well now. God is good.... Hope it continues for you forever!!!
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Thank you for spreading hope. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen" Hebrews. I use posts like yours to build my faith that one day I will be able to laugh and smile and dance again. For all of us. So be it.

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