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Joint/ Bone pain with Prednisone

My daughter started 40 mg of Prednisone today for Crohn's and she is having joint/ bone pain. Mostly in her legs. Is this a normal side effect to the start of this medication? I hurt seeing her in so much pain. :-( Thank you!
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It can cause joint pain.
You can have her try light exercises that don't put a lot of impact on her joints.
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prednisone can cause joint pain:

I'm sure it can happen at any phase of taking the medication since it is well known for numerous side effects that develop and add on or subtract from each other during the length of taking the medication and even each time you restart taking it.

In fact, I actually get joint pain...but it just happens to be when I am tapering. Whenever I taper off of pred I have joint pain in my knees. They become stiff and painful and I can't put any pressure on them or sit for too long of periods or else I have trouble standing up initially. Eventually the pain subsides a few weeks after I stop the medication.

If it becomes extremely bothersome make sure you let her doctor know. There are other steroid medications that can be tried if prednisone is proving to be too intense with regards to side effects.
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