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Hospital/ER: Is it worth it?

Hello all,

I've had UC since 2008. I was on Asacol up until the end of June, when I got switched to Lialda after Asacol was terminated. I take 2 Lialda tabs every morning.

In the 6 years since my diagnosis, I've never had pain as a symptom... until now. I've been getting pains in my lower abdomen, starting in the center and radiating out horizontally, about every half hour. Some are dull and others are razor sharp, taking my breath away.

I called my gastroenterologist, and he wants me to go to the hospital. I love my doctor, and I trust his advice, but what can they do for UC flares in the ER? I don't want to go there, sit for hours, spend a small fortune, only to walk out with a script for a colonoscopy or something I could get from an office visit.

Any advice? I greatly appreciate your time for reading and responding.
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I have UC so I will repost this in the appropriate forum. Apologies!
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This is a good a forum as any

I have had one stay in hospital, and being the nhs where you normally have to wait a month or 2 before you get any procedures, it meant they could check your bloods, how many times you went to the toilet, and basically watch you for a few days before coming up with a decision.

For me it seemed that this way was quicker to get onto remicade than it would have been if I had not gone into hospital, although saying that it was very boring, and they wanted you awake most of the day (6am to 11pm grrr)
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Hi Bbizzowers, I'm in a somewhat similar situation - I was on Asacol for years as well, and when they stopped manufacturing it in the US earlier this year, I also had to switch meds. I went on Asacol HD for a short time, but that didn't work for me, so I switched to Delzicol which works so-so. I had been in remission for about 2 years while on Asacol, but as of a few months ago, I seem to be in a flare - my GI and I both feel it's probably due to the switches in medications. I'm having a colonoscopy at the end of the month to see what's going on, and I'll likely be switching meds again after the scope, as I feel like Delzicol just isn't cutting it.

It sounds like you're in a flare, likely due to the medication switch, as well. I would ask your GI to schedule tests ASAP, and you likely need a stronger medication. I agree that, unless the situation becomes dire (if you have unbearable pain, vomiting, fever, or any symptoms that are new to you) then the ER probably won't help much. Can you get in to see your GI soon? Or even your primary care doc? I know my PCP can do colonoscopies, and he can also write prescriptions for things like prednisone, so it's worth calling your PCP if your GI isn't available right away. Good luck, I hope you can get somewhere with your doctors and feel better soon! Please keep us posted as to what happens and how you're doing!
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I was able to get an appointment tomorrow at 7:45, I'm just hoping work is accomodating and understands.

I've been tracking my pains and bms so far today. I seem to be getting a flash of pain every 30 minutes and I've had 7 bms since midnight.

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