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The pred fat face :-(

Ive stopped taking pred last week after a two and a half month treatment, I did notice as the dose got lower my apatite went up. Anyway im now off the steroids but im getting called fat face and comments about how much weight ive put on. Has anyone got any tips how I can lose the bloated look? How long will it be before the face bloating goes?

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In my experience there is nothing that can be done and its just a waiting game. I found after I stopped pred it took a few weeks for the moon face and acne to fully heal.
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I heard avoiding salt can help, as it is mostly water retention.

Sorry you have to deal with insensitive people. We had comments when my son was on it too. It took about 2 or 3 weeks for his to go away after stopping the Pred.
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I am also having this at the moment and I am tapering off pred, I have been on this drug countless times but never remember how long I takes for the moon face to go but I just remember that it does and that keeps me positive. I hope it settles down for you soon it can be really frustrating x
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I'm very sorry to hear that others are not being very kind/accepting of your situation. People can be very insensitive.

Reduce your salt/sodium intake from foods. When taking steroids, it causes sodium retention and potassium loss which leads to the bloating that causes some weight gain and moon face/pred face. The increased hunger side effects contribute to the increase in weight.

Increase your fluid (water) intake to help flush out your system and reduce any bloating.

As you taper and come off of pred entirely you will eventually see some of the pred face and bloating disappear during withdrawal, but any remaining weight will typically have to go with traditional diet/exercise methods.
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