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Anyone work at a hospital/clinic?

Ok...I am still able to work, and I'm thankful for that...but I am really having a hard time with my boss at work. I currently work in sales and he is REALLY rude to me all the time and I think he tries to make me sick by stressing me out on purpose when it is absolutely not necessary.

ANYWAYS./././...I applied for a job at a local hospital where I used to work in the gift shop when i was a teenager. I really want to work there, but the job posting is for Admitting Supervisor...and it would require patient contact with lots of sick people???I am taking a couple of mild immuno suppressors, so it is kinda scary?

Anybody have any input?

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Jeff D.
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I'm pretty sure Colt works in a hospital so you may want to ask him. Good luck with the job. I'm sorry you are having to put up with that crap.
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I work in a cardiothoracic intensive care and I take methotrexate (restarted today now my liver function is improved) and remicade regularly, along with steroids off and on since Aug 08.

To be honest your chances of face to face contact in the type of job you are suggesting (sounds like someone who is on a ward for instance and admits folk on a system as they come in) would be very low risk.

Its not like you have really close contact or have open wounds yourself as an example if this is the kind of job you are thinking of doing.

Am just pondering out loud here...

Its really up to you..

My own perspective in my environment with all the precautions I take due to working with folk on life support for instance is that I am much more likely to catch a cold etc in the street than at work!

Like I said its up to you. Am just home from work and a tad tired so hope what I have said makes sense!

Let us know what you decide..


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I work in an Urgent Care clinic where we get alot of people with colds/flu/strep, etc. Fortunately in my 4yrs working there I've managed to not catch any of it. It seems that it hits everyone else around me though.

I think with the type of position your applying for and the one that's available, your chances of getting sick would be pretty slim. But as the others have said, it a choice only you can make.

Good luck!
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I may be tempting fate here, but since I've been on Imuran, I've hardly caught any sort of cold/flu or whatever... although my paranoia about catching anything has gone through the roof. I tend to think you'd be in more danger on public transport, where people are peffing and sneezing all the time
I can't tell what what to do, but if it was me, I think I'd go for the job
Good luck
Steve J
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I've been on either Humira or Remicade for a year now, and Imuran since November. This is my least sick winter I have had in a long time. Only one terrible cough that went on forever, a short cold, a very short sore throat.
I swear you can pick up more germs going to the grocery store than you can anywhere else.

I thought you sued them to work in the shop, cuz they wouldn't let you, haha. I seriously had to read that 3 times to get it.
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Nope, I didn't "sued" them...I "used" to work there!!
Terrible typing on my part. My Dr works closely with the hospital where the position is...and he is more worried about Stress than the germs. He said that there are lots of sick people, but with diligence of hand washing and lysol spraying...I can face the germs head on///but apparently it is a VERY stressful job!?
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Agent X20
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But not having a horrible boss may be less stressful in the long term
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Soup pretty much got it. You're not going to have the kind of contact we have with patients. I have to suit up in full protective gear at least once every day to draw someone's blood. I draw HIV and Hep C patients all day long. I even splashed hepatitis C on my hand today.

You would be doing clerk style and/or administrative work. The worst you would ever have to worry about is sitting across a table from someone when they cough or sneeze.

Even in situations like mine and soup's there's not a great amount of risk just because hospitals are so experienced with this kind of thing that there's antiseptic, gloves, and just about any other type of protective items all over the place ready to be used. You can even get away with being extra cautious and in that kind of environment no one minds. You can put on gloves or a mask and no one's going to really be offended.

Besides, it's actually quite difficult to catch most infections, even on immuno-suppressants. When I was on prednisone I was spending lots of time in rooms with people I knew had TB. Even without the mask I'd have to spend many hours in the room breathing it in before the infection would take hold.

Frankly you're more likely to pick something up on the street. You usually can't get away with putting on gloves to shake someone's hand or putting on a mask when someone at the next table over in a restaurant starts coughing. Outside of a hospital carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket and using it every time you entered or left a room would just be weird. In a hospital it's a policy requirement.

We have oodles of AIDS and immuno-compromised cancer patients in our hospital and they rarely ever catch anything. Remicade or methotrexate isn't going make a difference.
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I'm a nurse on azathioprine, just want to second what other people have said really, your more likely to suffer ill effects from the stresses of the job rather than because you've caught something from a patient.

I did worry about my chances of catching things from patients when I was first put on aza but like Colt says, your much more at risk out in public where you'd get funny looks if you were constantly cleaning your hands.

I wouldn't worry - good luck with the job!

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