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Is this colitis. Taking asacol

New to forum. How soon after taking asacol can you have a reaction. Took one 400mg last night. Felt nauseous a couple hours after. Took 400mg. This morning. Been feeling nauseous. And sick all day. Ct scan came back with thickening of transverse color and suspected inflammation. Don't have temp. Or bad. Bloody diarrhea. Just very nauseous. And pressure pain under breasts. Is this how colitis feels. Seems like my bowels Feel better when they are empty.
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Hello Aura65,

What is your diagnosis that put you on asacol to begin with?

Attached is a list of side effects known with Asacol HD (I am assuming you are taking HD since the original Asacol is now off the market)

Chest pain is indicated as a rare side effect and should be discussed with your doctor. And yes, most of our bowels feel better when they are empty when dealing with IBD. It could be the fact that you are not eating along with other symptoms that contribute to the nausea. Thickening of the colon I'm sure is a key player in your symptoms as well.

What are all of your symptoms? And what other medication are you on? What does your diet look like? Have you discussed any of this with your doc or did you just go to an emergency room?

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Thank you for your reply. 6 months ago i had colonoscopy and endoscope. Results came back saying mild gastritis no h pyloric. Chronic inflammation in small intestinal mucosa. Normal villa. (Duodenum biopsy). No microscopic colitis on rt or left. Gastroenterologist. Said come back in a year. Been having a lot of nausea. Bad sleep. Pain or pressure about 2 inches from under breast. Chills most of the day even when it's 75 in house. At night i wake up very hot. Not hot flashes. No temperature. I'm below normal all the time..this has been going on for months. 3 weeks ago had bout with diarrhea. Mostly mucus and horrible intestinal ache not sharp. Went away then had very pasty and acidic bowels. Then went away. Sharp pain if i press on certain spots along intestines not all the time. I've had diverticulitis 2 years ago. And had a ct last week to see if it was that. Results came back saying not diverticulitis. And blood count was normal. Impressions came back saying i had questionable transverse colitis. Said overall pattern could represent simple gastroenteritis. A mystery. Because i feel so nauseous. And cold. And chest area pressure. Sometimes burning. Ice helps at night. Bowels are not watery but soft sometimes and very acidic. Regular doctor said to try asacol 400. Pharmacy did carry them only one at night and one in morning. Sorry for long thread. It is complicated. Don't know anyone with colitis to talk to. Thank you
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I do take .25 of klonopin. And ambien to sleep at night wake up a lot and get about 6-7hrs of broken up sleep.

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