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Took my last dose of Entocort a few days ago. My doc never mentioned weaning, which I'm seeing was probably a good idea. Anyway, I'm so ITCHY and rashy. Some stomach pain but its intermittent and not worrisome. It's the itching that's making me crazy. Had this ever happened to anyone? How long until it goes away? I can't take Benadryl since I have my two little girls to take care of.
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I understand being unable to take Benadryl but I take Allegra for full body itching. It does not sedate you and maybe its worth trying.
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I'm sorry you're having this problem. Itching all over makes me feel like I am going crazy!!! I would definitely take an antihistamine, I think there are a couple that don't make you drowsy. Allegra, like NGNG mentioned, and Claritin. Whenever I take pain meds, I get super itchy (weird, I know) and there's this lotion that really helps me. I think it is called Eucerin Calming Itch Relief. It's around 8 bucks at my Walmart or Walgreens, and it works SO GOOD! I hope your itching gets better, and you have good luck off of the Entocort.
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Some good suggestions already. Have you talked to your doctor about these symptoms? If you were taking it for a while then it may take some time for these symptoms to go away. I wonder if talking to your doctor about going on a lower dose and slowly weaning may at least help with your symptoms even though tapering off Entocort isn't exactly required like it is for Prednisone. You're clearly having symptoms from stopping it so weaning may help.
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I forgot to mention that when I was going off of Entocort, I tapered off of it slowly. I think it took me a couple months, but I'm sure it was much easier than quiting cold turkey.

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