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Undiagnosed, have abscesses

Hi everyone,

I just want to run my situation by you, and can you let me know if Crohn's is a possibility? I have heard about someone in a similar situation as me who was diagnosed with Crohn's, so I want to make sure I don't sound crazy when I ask for tests.

For over 3 years now I've been having unexplained issues with my skin in the form of painful abscesses. They range from the size of the tip of a pen, to half of a golf ball, and have been everywhere on my body from my upper thigh to my eyelid. I've had a ton of tests done for bacteria, and I think it's safe to assume now that it's not a bacterial thing (15 rounds of antibiotics later). I currently have 3 of them on my stomach.

Since getting these abscesses, I've also been having problems with my bowels. It seems sporadic though in terms of intensity. At least a couple times a week I have abdominal cramping which can lead to an extremely inconvenient yet necessary bathroom session. This happens frequently, but only about 3 times have I almost vomited from it.

Since 2010 I've also noticed blood in my stool, not very much though, about 3-4 times a year.

Any sort of insight would help! Feeling kind of desperate here, and getting tired of the having more scars popping up on my body... Yes, I'm being vain right now.

Thank you so much.

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Hi Kathleen, I see you had posted this in an older thread where it might get lost and/or might not get replies, so I've moved your post to its own thread. You should get more responses here.

What type of doctors have you seen for the abscesses? You've also mentioned blood in the stool - is it bright red or darker/black/tarry? Have you had any bowel-specific tests such as colonoscopy?

The abscesses themselves don't sound like Crohn's to me - Crohn's can cause abscesses, but my understanding is that they usually tend to manifest around the anus or in the abdominal area, rather than all over the body. I haven't heard of abscesses like yours before so I'm at a bit of a loss! I'm going to tag Grumbletum here as I believe she knows more about abscesses than I do and may be able to help more.
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Thank you for moving it!

The blood is from anal fissures, I went to the doctor for it once and that's what it was diagnosed as, and each time after I'm fairly confident it's been the same thing.

I've seen my GP, an infectious disease specialist, and went to an MRSA clinic. I haven't done any sort of bowel specific testing, that's what I'm hoping to ask for when I see my GP.

Thanks for including other knowledgeable people!
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The situation you're dealing with doesn't sound like Crohn's to me. It may be more of a blood infection/ disease or even a fungal type problem. I'm not a doctor, but If you haven't yet.. I think seeing a dermatologist is the best step at this point. They will be able to better identify the external abscesses you described.

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