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Venting about medecine.

I'm just angry of pharmaceuticals, in this modern era, they should be able to make safer drugs. They are chosing the easy way to make money. They know patients have no choice, so they are willing to accept the risk of grave side effects. Progress is halted because of that.
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Hugs! I hear you, its so unfair that we are stuck with such risky treatment options while drugs companies make huge amounts of money.

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I totally agree with you!! Patients who have to take the med are so sick that they have to put up with side effects and risks; they don't have any other options. Drug companies fail to realize that, just because we take the drugs, doesn't mean that we want to. And all of those TV adds that make taking serious meds seem like popping a vitamin every now and then...they are just stupid. It really makes me mad.
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It is frustrating because we have no say in the matter. We are slaves to the big drug companies. Whatever they put out we jump so gratefully and try. It is a shame so many of the drugs have high risks associated with them but if it can help the disease the benefits may outweigh the risks.
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I have been struggling with swollen feet and shortness of breath. The short breath has stopped, but the feet still get to me. During this stuff going on I found out from my G.I. that Humira can cause this. He scheduled me for a echocardiograph, a chest X-Ray, and a boat load of blood tests. all to find out that, with the exception of low potassium, everything is OK. Good news, but a very expensive way to show it is not caused by Humira.
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Drug companies are money grabbers and live on the back of misery but designing new treatments is almost down to luck they have a finite number of compounds that they mix and hopefully come up with a magic bullet.thalidomide is a horrible case in point terrible side effects in unborn babies but has now been discovered to be usefull in certain cancer treatments not forgetting the little blue pill Viagra (licence to print money)it's side effect we all know,started life as a bllod pressure treatment.still doesn't,t excuse thousands of pounds for cancer treatment one injection 5000 who are they kidding.rant over

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