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So glad I can vent here...

Thank goodness for the vent threads!!!!

I just need to say how fed up and pissed off I am to eat a meal (because I'm freakin hungry from having D all day) then paying dearly in the late afternoon until the next morning. No one that I know, not even my doctor, can understand how terrible it feels to have your stomach turn and growl so ferociously that I can't even sleep until morning when the same S**t happens all over again!

I'm sick and tired of not finding a medication to fix this. I feel guilty for complaining and I feel like I'm in hell from all of the symptoms of Crohns/colitis. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

There, done, thank you!
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Can I just add to your vent.... I'M HUNGRY for REAL FOOD!!!!
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i can defo relate to this , not diagnosed yet with anything having colonoscopy on wed , but dread eating as i know about an hour later i get the hot sweats and the gurgling tight painful budda belly just a vicious circle !!!
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Me too! I'm eating the BRAT diet and still paying dearly-WTH?


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I haven't had fruit in 2years FML lol
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I have been where you all are. I was recently told by my G.I. that since I am in remission, eat away! I have had apples, carrots, aspargrass (sp). And other fiberous foods. I'm not bragging, I am just saying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and sometimes its not a train. Hang in there.
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